Design Review

Harmony is a community designed to respect the visual character of its site, minimize environmental impacts, and maximize water and energy conservation principles. To preserve and enhance these principles, the Harmony Design Guidelines are established to maintain certain standards by which the community may grow and develop.

All exterior modifications or addition to your home or any structural changes must have prior written approval from the Association prior to beginning any work.

Design Approval Process:

  • Submit the Design Review Application complete with the expected date of completion and signature(s)
  • Plan ahead. DRC review can take 30-45 days but typically less. Approval is required prior to beginning any work
  • Provide supporting documents: plot map, design plans with dimensions and setbacks, material/plant list, and any photos or examples necessary
  • Final Notice of Completion Form and supporting photos are required for all initial backyard applications by the deadline or within 180 days of closing.
  • Email a complete application and supporting documents to or drop off at the Commons during business hours. 

The Design Review Committee meets on the 2nd and 4th week of every month. Design Review Applications must be received by the 2nd or 4th Monday of each month in order to be reviewed at the upcoming meeting.

Exterior Modification Request

You may submit a Variance Application for the Design Review Committee to request changes to an already approved application or improvements that may be outside of the Design Guidelines. Please be sure to submit supporting documentation and details of the request (drawings, plans, photos, etc.) with your application.