Design Review

Harmony is a community designed to respect the visual character of its site, minimize environmental impacts, and maximize water and energy conservation principles. To preserve and enhance these principles, the Harmony Design Guidelines are established to maintain certain standards by which the community may grow and develop.

All exterior modifications or addition to your home or any structural changes must have prior written approval from the Association.

An application is considered COMPLETED once the Association is in possession of ALL of the following:

  • Application
  • Missing information (Any missing information will be emailed to you)
  • Drawings, Plans, Photos with specific information showing project

Every effort shall be made to respond within thirty (30) days of receiving an application from an Owner. If no response is provided by the Reviewer within forty-five (45) days of submittal, the application will be deemed approved.

Submitting Your Modification Request

You may submit a Design Review Application to Cyndy Walker. Please be sure to submit any additional information and documents (drawings, plans, photos, etc.) with your application.