1. Community Center
  2. Pool
  3. Dog Park

Effective Friday, May 26th, all residents must have their Access Passes to gain entrance to all facilities.

 See below for Access Pass Registration information.

The Harmony Community Center is equipped with a large event room, teaching kitchen, and a gathering area with shuffleboard, ping pong, and foosball on the first level and a full gym with a cardio room, weight room, and ground exercise studio. All residents will need to use their key fob to gain access to the Community Center. 

Community Center Hours

Mon - Fri: 6 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Sunday:   11 AM - 6 PM

How to get Access Passes

Step 1: Create an account in CivicRec and contact Harmony Staff to request that your residency is confirmed.

  • Residents renting their homes should include a copy of their lease agreement in the e-mail.
  • Residents that have closed on their home within 45 days should provide a copy of the Deed.
  • Residents with existing accounts do not need to create new ones.

Step 2: Register for the Access Passes and sign the 2023 Facility User Guidelines after confirming residency.

  • Only register one (1) adult for the program and continue through the registration. There will be an opportunity to add Access Pass holders as the registration progresses.
  • Adults not listed as an owner or children over the age of 26 will be asked to provide proof of residency before being issued an access pass.

Step 3: Pick up passes and take photos.

  • Please allow staff 1-2 business days to prepare passes for the household after registration is complete.
  • All pass holders must have photos taken by their first check-in.