Homeowners become members of Harmony Master Homeowners Association when they purchase a home.

Members are responsible for paying quarterly dues to support community operations and reserve funds.

Assessments are due on the 1st of each quarter, i.e., January, April, July, and October annually.

Assessments received after the 30th of the month are subject to late fees in accordance with the current Assessment Collection policy.

Current assessments are $78/month, billed quarterly. This includes $65/month for assessments, plus an additional $13/month for trash/recycling collection.

Powhaton Community Authority

Homeowners in Harmony become members of the Powhaton Community Authority, which include Powhaton Metro Districts 1-11. In January 2022, the Powhaton Community Authority Board of Directors implemented a $100/year Operations Fee for all homeowners residing in these districts. The Powhaton Community Authority is a separate entity from Harmony Master Homeowners Association but is partially managed by CCMC. 

Homeowners will be billed $25 per quarter and payment is due on the 1st of each quarter, i.e., January, April, July, and October annually. 

Payment Options

  1. Direct Debit
  2. Online
  3. Mail
  4. E-Statements

Direct debit allows for payments to be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account each quarter.

To sign up for direct debit, please complete the direct debit form (PDF) and return it and a copy of a voided check to or fax it to 480-921-7564.

Homeowners that wish to have their HOA and Metro District payments paid through direct debit must submit one form for each account. i.e. one form for HOA payments, one form for Metro District payments.